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Monograph hotel is one of the most stylishly decorated hotels in Tbilisi. This hotel is located right in the heart of the city, nearby the Freedom Monument commonly knowns as the St. George Statue and Liberty Square Metro Station.  Everything is easily accessible from this location. As the hotel itself tells us about: 

History & Location

 In the 17th century, it was a major trading center and allowed travelers to rest and recover from their journeys. The Hotel was renovated several times since the 19th century but maintained its authentic exterior. As an artifact found in the building tells us, in this house from May 27 to June 10, 1829, lived the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Custom-made Chandelier with old Georgian letters



Hotel Monograph Freedom Square was designed by studio Proact.e with inspiration-giving vibes. The hotel features artworks and crafts reflecting Georgian culture presented with a contemporary touch.

It has created a custom-made Chandelier exclusively for Monograph hotel, which has incorporated the elements of the Georgian alphabet.

Scent Milano has taken care of producing a special scent for the entire hotel, The scent synthesizes the notes of Black Pepper & Black Wood.

A combination of color, light, and texture creates spaces with warmth and elegance. Minimalistic ambiance with confidence, interior with personality. The details are the ones that speak the most in the surrounding full of discovery.

We are going to  share our experience related to this hotel. Monograph hotel has several room types and for our stay, we choose the room with the name “Monochrome”, from the very highest category. 

The room was very stylish and we quickly fell in love with the design. The view from the room was also beautiful, it was perfect for looking at Freedom square and the people. 

The view from the bedroom

The bathroom was part of our room with astonishing views overlooking the city. You can catch the sunrise while lying in the bathtub. 

Bathroom view

Breakfast was delicious. The quality of the food was just amazing and had a huge variety of local and western options to choose from.

The hotel has a Restaurant, Lounge Bar and Terrace. 

Levan Songulashvili’s Monumental-Mural

Three of them located on the 5th floor. The restaurant name is “Sominee”, an elegant rejuvenation of contemporary Georgian cuisine with authentic ingredients and Georgian culture, an inspiration of local cuisine in a very elegant setting. As we know all ingredients are organic and bio, from small and growers all across the country. The restaurant head chef is Francesco Manalo from New York. His cooking style has continuously evolved over several years living and traveling in Georgia, adapting modern techniques to the local cooking. 

The Lounge Bar is overlooking the historic Freedom Square.

Day and night view from the terrace

They are offering a wide range of classic and famous cocktails. Also, they have many varieties of well-known alcohol drinks, different wines from famous French, Italian, and Georgian vineyards and producers.  

If you admire delicious food and drinks, made of organic and fresh products, you can visit the restaurant, lounge, and terrace without staying in the hotel. 

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