Kakhetian Culinary

Kakheti is the largest region of Georgia. It is also known to everyone the land of wine. This place is a must-visit for travelers who appreciate the historical heritage and good wine. On the way to Kakheti, you will see breathtaking nature, old historical monasteries, and castles. Kakheti is rich with its traditional cuisine. Locally, you can taste amazing Shoti ( local special bread), cheese, and butter. And the most delicious candle-shaped dessert Churchxela.

“Shoti” – შოთი

Making of “Shoti”

“Churchkhela” – ჩურჩხელა

String nuts on a thread using strong thread and needle.
Mix half of badagi juice with sugar and flour, until you get smooth mixture.
Insert nuts into tatara and use wooden spoon to cover the threaded nuts.
When all the nuts are well covered, it’s time to dry


During our stay in Telavi, we visited a small local Cheesemakers family. They make different types of cheese such as wine-infused cheese, Smoked cheese, Spicy cheese, and also traditional Guda, from sheep’s milk, which is the dominant cheese in Kakheti, it originates from the high mountain region of Tusheti.

Telavi Market

If you are in Kakheti, be sure to visit the old and famous Telavi market, which is also known as Bazar. Here you can find almost everything, handmade products, Cheese, Meat, local fruit, etc. You can meet local people and chat with them. The market is rich in different spice scents and amazing colors.

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